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Reston Soccer offers several recreational programs. All of our soccer programs are held outside unless specifically stated otherwise.

a. Me & My Ball

The Me & My Ball program is designed to introduce boys and girls that are under five to soccer. This very popular program is run by professional soccer trainers that have extensive experience working with this age group. The program is offered once a week typically on Saturday mornings. Each child in the program receives a jersey and a ball. Each session lasts an hour and the focus is on learning basic ball handling by playing fun games or drills. For example, in one drill the kids pretend to sweep the deck of a pirate ship by tapping the ball from one foot to another. In another game, the coach pretends to be a shark and the kids or “minnows” attempt to dribble the ball across the field or “ocean” before being eaten by the shark.
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b. House

Reston Soccer’s House program includes players in the U6 to U10 age groups. Each of these age groups is coached by Reston Soccer parents and volunteers. Girls and boys are mixed in the U6 age group. Beginning at U7, girls have the option of playing with the boys or playing in a “girls only” program.

The U6 program is offered once a week typically on Saturday afternoons. The first half of each hour long weekly session is spent on games and drills similar to those in the Me & My Ball program. The second half of the session involves the playing of small-sided soccer games against other teams in the league. The emphasis is on maximizing the time each individual player has on the ball while introducing the concept of scoring goals and facing an opponent. During these sessions, each volunteer coach is paired with a professional soccer trainer. This insures that the quality of the sessions is high while providing hands on training for our volunteer coaches.

Starting at U7, the program expands to include two 1-hour long sessions every week. This typically includes a team practice on Saturday morning (generally between 8am and noon) and a game on Sunday afternoon (generally between 12-6pm). These sessions are conducted by volunteer parents and coaches. To supplement the coaching offered by our volunteers, Reston Soccer offers a “Soccer Academy” one evening a week where all the players in the U7-U10 House program are invited to receive additional coaching from Reston Soccer’s professional trainers with a focus on developing technical soccer skills.

As the players mature and develop, more complexity is introduced to the sessions and games. In U6, the games are played on smaller fields with pug goals in a 4v4 format where the coaches roll balls back into play. At U7, we expand the size of the field a bit and continue a 4v4 format. Throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, and a 5v5 format are introduced at U8. By U9, our teams are playing on a much larger field, with traditional goals, goalies, a 7v7 format, and referees applying the laws of the game. Teamwork, tactics, positions, and passing concepts becoming more and more prominent as the players mature and the field size expands. Nevertheless, our primary focus is, and should be, on development of technical skills and player creativity.
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c. Suburban Friendship League

Starting at U11, our recreational players typically graduate to playing in the Suburban Friendship League (“SFL”) where they face recreational teams from other soccer clubs in Northern Virginia. Our existing SFL teams are coached by volunteers. SFL is for players in U11 through U19. Additionally, Reston Soccer provides professional trainers once a week to SFL teams in the U11 to U14 age groups.  Click here to learn more about the SFL.
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d. TOP Soccer

TOP Soccer is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities organized by Reston Soccer volunteers. The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl who has a mental or physical disability. The goal of the TOP Soccer program is to enable young athletes with disabilities to be valued and successful members of the Reston Soccer community.
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